ICO Gem4me Market Space was completed


Dear ICO Gem4me Market Space Community!

Our ICO was completed on time, and we thank all the participants for their interest and support.

As you know, market interest in cryptocurrency projects decreased sharply in 2018–2019, and therefore we could not fully collect the initially announced amount of funds (hard cap). But this did not prevent the successful development of our project due to the availability of alternative sources of funding. We continue to develop the project successfully, and the number of installations of the Gem4me messenger is very close to 8 million, our Market Space is already functioning as a beta version with the number of active stores 500+.

Gem4me Market Space is a promising project with a great future. At the moment we are investing our resources in the development of both the messenger and the marketplace. Users will be provided with the possibility to transfer funds in various currencies, sell and purchase goods, promote their ideas, products and personal brand using the most modern technological solutions, as Gem4me Market Space is a new generation communication tool.

We are still glad to see all interested parties, as investors of the project or just active users of the messenger of new generation and the Market Space financial and trading platform. All tokens obtained for various actions can be used at the Market Space site after all the planned functionality has been implemented. We thank all the participants and wish you great success!

ICO Gem4me Market Space team


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