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Available payment methods:
BTC, ETH, DASH, BCC, LTC, XRP, XMR and USD via a wire transfer

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Gem4me Market Space Platform

Technology that makes the creation and safe development of a business simple, understandable and affordable

  • Software
  • Audio and video content
  • Games and Entertainment
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Services
  • Tickets
  • Recreation
  • Tourism
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Good for children
  • Books
  • Gadgets
  • Appliances
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Cars
Smart chat bots

The technology of integrated smart chat-bots that automate the basic business processes for Gem4me Market Space ecosystem participants

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology, which optimizes the business processes of platform users and automates the process of their financial management

Blockchain technology

Allows to decentralize the work of Gem4me Market Space, as well as, reducing the costs of cross-border transactions and making business processes completely transparent

Gemme Ads

A large-scale intra-platform advertising service built on artificial intelligence technologies allows for Gem4me Market Space business users to conduct large-scale advertising and promotional campaigns.

Gem4me Market

Space offers:


Create a store of any size and type with the help of a chat bot (including a store consisting of one product).


Offer not only any goods, but also any kind of services: tutoring, builder, music teacher or horoscopes.


Sell any tickets, tours or goods for the house.


Place a large store with thousands of product items and a chat room to communicate with customers.


Using AI, it is easy to find the right products in various stores.


Trade outside your city, region and country.


Find the nearest restaurant, read the menu and book a table.


Buy products using cryptocurrency.


Get analytics for trading with cryptocurrencies.


Receive cashback for personal purchases.


A premium messenger

with 6 million users in 60 countries

The Gem4me Market Space platform is developed on the basis of the Gem4me messenger. According to the projected growth rates, the number of messenger users will reach 50 million by the end of 2019 and 200 million by the end of 2020.


users now

2018 Q4


users by EOY 2019

2019 Q4


users by EOY 2020

2020 Q4

Smart Wallet

Payment system for storage, exchange and management of financial assets in fiat and crypto-currencies, identity verification, rating system, as well as, the ability to participate in credit and loyalty programs

Crypto/Fiat Service

allows you to conduct operations for the entry, withdrawal, storage and exchange of financial assets in Fiat and Crypto. For more information about the service, see White Paper §7.2.

Crypto CashBack-services

further stimulate buyers to make repeated purchases. For more information about services, see White Paper §7.3.


GMC-token extends the capabilities of Crypto / Fiat Service: it is not only a mean of payment, but also completes identity verification, rating, creditworthiness of the buyer and seller.

more about the token
Crypto Analytic Trade Signals

will enable customers to receive signals from professional traders for the purchase and sale of main types of crypto-currencies. The service is useful for both novices and pro market players. Read more about the service in White Paper §7.4.

Gemme Coin

The Internal Crypto-Currency of Gem4me Market Space and Its Capabilities

Gemme Coin (market abbreviation GMC) is a utility-token of the Gem4me Market Space ecosystem, it gives access to users of the platform to use its functionality.The architecture of Gem4me Market Space and the methods of using the GMC token are designed with a focus on securing their funds. Gemme Coin - in White Paper § 9.

    • GMC
      Gem4me VIP services
  • Payment for Market Space
    and Gem4me services
    • Market Space


    • GMC
      (Smart Contract)
  • Shopping in Market Market Ecosystems
    • Products
      (Smart Contract)
    • GMC
  • Funds transfer, voting, platform commission
    • GMC
    • GMC
  • Payment of fees for crypto-exchange services
    • A discount
    • Long-term storage
    • Getting the crypto-cashback in GMC
      Fiat / Crypto Shopping
  • Cashback service Back4Cash
    • Increased crypto-cashback
    • Long-term storage
    • Payments on referral program
      Subscription fee, GMC
  • Subscription to RichLand analytical bot
    • Subscription discount
    • Long-term storage
    • GMC
      Records: history of purchases and transactions
  • Data storage in blockchain
    • GMC
      Verification records

Gem4me Market Space


Initial development of Gem4me instant messenger

Introduction of the first versions on Android and iOS platforms


1000 users of Gem4me


1 000 000 users of Gem4me


The development of the Gem4me Market Space platform on the basis of Gem4me


Development and release of the web version of the messenger Gem4me

Development and release of the alpha version of Back4Cash

Start of cooperation with Icobox


Development and release of voice conferences for 64 participants in the Gem4me messenger

Development and release of telegram-bot Back4Cash


The launch of a private sale and public presale of ICO Gemme Coin (GMC)

5 000 000 users of Gem4me

Development and release of Gem4me Market Space, financial plugin

Development and release of the bot

Development and release of telegram-bot RichLand

Development and release of Gem4me Back4Cash bot

Development and release of p2p videochats


The launch of public token sale, the primary emission of Gemme Coin (GMC) tokens and their distribution

Development and release of services Smart Wallet + Personal Finances

Development and release of Crypto/Fiat Service

Development and release of the advertising platform Gemme Ads

Development and release of Escrow

Development and release of social B2C and C2C services (local businesses) + Reputation


Decentralization (use of blochain) of the Gem4me Market Space platform

AI for Back4Cash, RichLand and Gemme Ads services

KYC (know your client) / AML (anti money laundering)

Wallet/secure payment/microcredits

Multi-accounts: Crypto + Fiat


Online payment gateway for e-commerce

Offline POS (place of sale) and QR (quick response) terminals for businesses


Split/messenger/p2p/micro credits p2p + Reputation

Integration of Smart Wallet with bank cards and bank accounts in different regions of the world

Debit cards from various issuers and virtual debit cards

Completion of work to create a global trading platform for a closed cycle "without borders"

Publications and news

The valuation of messenger Gem4me

The valuation of messenger Gem4me

ICO Gem4me Market Space was completed

The Open GMC token sale


  • The key partner and main developer of Gem4me Market Space and chatbot platforms is Synesis, Minsk. A world-class developer who has created billion-dollar projects (such as Viber) is the key to rapid development and the latest solutions in the field of mobile applications.


Valery Ostrikov

CEO & Co-founder,
Gem4me Market Space

Natalia Arshavskaya

CVO & Co-founder,
Gem4me Market Space

Alexander Kachanovsky

COO & Co-founder,
Gem4me Market Space

Bruno Horn

Gem4me Market Space

Mikhail Khusainov

CDO, Gem4me Market Space / CEO & Co-founder Smart Wallet Services

Olga Nikitina

CTO, Gem4me Messenger & Market Place Platform

Mikhail Maliy

CIO, Smart Wallet Services

Stefano Virgilli

Chief Strategy Officer
Asian Market Advisor

Dmitrij Nazarov

CLO, Chief Legal Officer

Alexander Minakov

Head of Investor
Relations US and Europe

Sergey Repko

Head of Investor
Relations Asia

Armands Buss

CEO Frigate

Olga Finkel

CEO Gem4me Holdings, Ltd.

James Kehagias

Product Development Manager

Marina Trofimova

Project Manager

Alisa Malina

IR manager


Michael Jordan


Simon Cocking


Jason Hung


Phillip Nunn


Vladimir Nikitin


Nikolay Shkilev


Questions and answers


  1. How are the tokens treated from a judiciary standpoint? What’s the legal structure behind them?
  2. What guarantees the secure storage of tokens?
  3. How are token holders protected?
  4. I’m afraid of being attacked by hackers. How secure is Market Space’s system, exactly?

Purchasing tokens

  1. When will GMC tokens become available for sale?
  2. What is the minimal number of tokens I can buy?
  3. What will happen to my tokens if my government bans them or limits their circulation?
  4. I’m a crypto investor. What are the odds of your token growing in value? How much money do I stand to make? What are the odds that the GMC token will lose value after the ICO is over? How liquid will the tokens be after the sale is over? How much money will I make by investing in Gemme Coins?
  5. How can the GMC token be of use for me as a buyer?
  6. How many GMC tokens will be issued in total?
  7. Which forms of payment do you accept? Which currencies can I use to buy GMC tokens?
  8. How can I buy Market Space tokens?
  9. What are Gemme Coins? Are they ERC20 compliant? Can I hold them in an off-site ETH wallet?
  10. Will there be a preliminary sale of tokens?
  11. Is there a soft cap on the ICO or the token emission that follows it? What happens if you don’t meet your soft cap goal?
  12. What does token ownership confer? Do they represent company shares?
  13. Which discounts and bonuses are available? Do I have any special privileges and bonuses if I purchase a substantial amount of GMC tokens?
  14. Registering and Creating a Personal Account for participating in the Gem4me Market Space ICO
  15. Where can I buy crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ether?
  16. How can a GMC token be used?
  17. Why have you decided to issue your own tokens?
  18. Who distributes your tokens and how quickly can I get mine after paying for them?
  19. How can I create an Ethereum wallet?

Bounty and referral program

  1. How can I get bonuses?
  2. Where can I publish my referral link?
  3. How can I get a referral link?
  4. How can I join the referral program?
  5. Will there be a bounty/bonus program?

General questions

  1. How can I register with Market Space?
  2. Who is behind Market Space? Is your company mentioned by mass media?
  3. Which problems does the platform solve?
  4. Will I be deceived?
  5. What is Market Space?
  6. How long has you company existed? Does the team has enough experience for such a major project?
  7. Which services are included in Market Space’s Smart Wallet?
  8. Which technologies does the platform use?
  9. What are the differences between Market Space and other similar platforms?
  10. How do I know I won’t lose money or fall victim to fraud?